Life Lessons Over Lunch and The Subconscious Mind

One of my bosses has been doing “Life Lessons Over Lunch” at work.  He buys the office lunch and then we sit together to discuss a bible passage that he has printed out, there is no obligation to attend.

The current passage we were discussing, to me, had a lot of fear attached to it.  I decided to take the opportunity to bring up Point Of Choice and discuss our Spiral Up!  I explained that we all can make a choice when situations arise that aren’t working the way we would like them to.  If we spiral down, our rainbow is dark and muted, our thoughts/feelings/actions can be anger/depression/sadness.  When we spiral up our rainbow is bright and vibrant, we are loving/thoughtful/kind.  When we become conscious of our thoughts at a moment when we may be feeling a negative emotion make a choice to Spiral Up!  Go within and see physically how it may be affecting you.  What is your breathing doing?  Is it shallow?  Take a deep breath in through the nose and let it out… relax.  Think about the person or situation that is happening and send love to it or them.

We all can make a choice.  Don’t allow our fears to overcome our state of mind.  Spiral Up!  Make a point of choice.

While the reactions were not much after I spoke up, I know that the information is now in their subconscious.  I thank their higher selves for hearing me and letting my words flow in.


One comment

  1. What a great way to introduce colleagues to something you are passionate about at a ‘Lunch and Learn” type setting. Day to day it is so easy to focus on the negative, whether in words, actions or thoughts. We get bombarded with “be afraid’ messages from all types of media. We all need reminding from time to time, that we can choose our thoughts and change direction.

    Thanks for your inspiring post!


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