Fixes are Easier When You Understand Life as a Hologram

I have been using this system for over 20 years and everyday is still different from the last. The learning and discovery is continuous with this system of healing.

life-hologramThere was a time in my life when it felt life everyone else had the handbook for my life except me.  It was difficult to make positive changes and I was constantly stressed out.  My health of course suffered.  I tip towed into the world of alternative healing to find answers and luckily someone asked (rather insisted) i watch a video they handed me.  It was Chloe Wordsworth explaining her model of holographic repatterning followed by a captivating demonstration.  It was a term that caught my attention (as in :”WHAT???”) and though it took several attempts to watch beginning to end was enough to get me studying with Chloe.  I have never looked back.

The term holographic repatterning was hard to explain to most people who like me just wanted life to be fixed, so eventually Chloe change the name of her healing system to Resonance Repatterning – also a…

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